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8th Grade Curbside Promotion Ceremony

The route:

From Fordyce Street, vehicles will turn west onto College Street. After passing the old gym/auditorium, vehicles will enter the main parking lot. (Look for the ENTER HERE sign.) From here, you will follow the signs through the parking lot. At the south exit, turn left onto Ramsey Drive. Proceed through the bus lane where you will be instructed where to make your final stop. Here you will receive your curbside promotion certificate and a picture will be taken. All passengers will remain in the vehicle during this process. After receiving your certificate, you will exit the bus lane and proceed back down College Street to Fordyce Street.



Drive-thru ceremony will begin at 6:30 PM

Signs will show you where to go once you turn onto College Street


Your 8th grader should sit on the passenger side of the vehicle

Certificates will be awarded THROUGH the window

A picture will be taken when certificate is awarded by a BGISD staff member

Pictures will be loaded to our BGISD website and Facebook page

Please be patient as we acknowledge each 8th grader

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