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Rhiannon Vaughn » About Ms. Vaughn

About Ms. Vaughn

Ms. Vaughn grew up in a military family and is very patriotic as a result of her fathers 20+ years serving in the United States Navy. After her father retired, she landed in central Texas to finish her general education and moved on to peruse a Bachelors in Music Education. She graduated in 2017 and taught for two years in a 4th-12th position. In the fall of 2019 Ms. Vaughn was accepted to graduate school at Texas State University in San Marcos. In the spring of 2021 Ms. Vaughn received her Masters in Music Education. 
"My goal in life is to leave this world better than I found it, and the best way I think I can do that is through teaching. Personal responsibility, perseverance, kindness and humility are all pillars of what makes a difference. I've found that band teaches all of these and much more...It is my passion to teach and I thank God I can do what I do everyday."
-Ms. Vaughn